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Welcome to Grammar Monster! We're here to help you master English grammar.

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The Parts of Speech

Lesson and TestVideo Lesson
Read more about the parts of speech.

Glossary of Terms

Lesson and TestVideo Lesson
abstract noun
adverbial phrase
collective noun
common noun
complex sentence
compound sentence
concrete noun
conditional sentence
conjunctive adverb
dangling modifier

Punctuation Lessons

Lesson and TestVideo Lesson
Using Apostrophes
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Using Commas
Using Dashes
Using Hyphens
Using Parentheses (Brackets)
Using Semicolons
Using Speech Marks
Read more about the different types of punctuation.

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Lesson and TestVideo Lesson
advice and advise
adverse and averse
affect and effect
appraise and apprise
avenge and revenge
bare and bear
can and may
coarse and course
complement and compliment
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discreet and discrete
disinterested and uninterested
e.g. and i.e.
envy and jealousy
explicit and implicit
further and farther
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immigrate and emigrate
imply and infer
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loose and lose
marinade and marinate
material and materiel
past and passed
personal and personnel
poisonous or venomous
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principal and principle
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tenant and tenet
their, there, and they're
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weather, whether, and wether
while or whilst
who or whom
who's and whose
you're and your
Interactive Exercise
Here are 10 randomly selected grammar questions.

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